Drop-in Pottery


Drop-in Pottery

A one of a Kind Gift

Come drop in anytime at Wet Paint Pottery and spend some time creating your one of a kind painted pottery piece to keep for your home or give as a gift.

Safe, Fun and Comfortable

Wet Paint Pottery in Saskatoon is dedicated to firing up everyone’s imagination. We’ve created a safe, fun, and comfortable environment where you can create your very own hand-painted piece of pottery.

Leave the Mess With us!

We offer a huge selection of unpainted pottery, plenty of colours, ample workspace, and all the tools you need to decorate your unfinished piece. And the best part of all – you get to leave the mess with us!


How it Works

How it Works

Painting pottery: how it works
  1. Drop in unannounced – Come ready to get creative and paint your own pottery.
  2. Pick your piece – Choose from hundreds of sizes and styles of  bisque to paint.
  3. Paint your Pottery – Work with dozens of colors and all sizes of brushes and tools to craft a truly unique design.
  4. Leave it with us – We’ll hang onto your painted  piece, fire it up, and have it ready to pick up five days later .
  5. Pick up and enjoy! Take your piece home and enjoy your new creation, or send it off to a friend or family member as a thoughtful gift!

100's of Designs, Anytime!

100's of Designs, Anytime!

We offer the selection and support you need to paint a piece you can be proud of. We offer hundreds of unfinished pottery styles, shapes and sizes to fit any need and creative mood.

Our selection of pottery shapes includes:

  • All sizes and shapes of plates - round, square, rectangular, triangular, etc.

  • Multiple sizes and shapes of mugs including those sculpted to look like animals.

  • Decorative lidded bowls and cookie jars.

  • Lidded reusable coffee mugs.

  • All shapes and styles of vases.

  • Money banks.

  • Pet food and water bowls.

  • Tea pots, tea sets, and pots for sugar and cream.

  • Serving plates, bowls, and sets (including integrated chip and dip serving platters).

  • Photo and art frames.

  • Full size figurines and petite sized figures.

  • Heart-shaped bowls perfect for serving someone special.

  • Flowerpots.

  • Butter covers.

  • …and much, much, more!

To view more of the  pottery we offer, drop in anytime to browse our selection and give pottery painting a try!


Creative Support

Creative Support

Our staff is always there to answer your questions

Our staff is always a few steps away - ready to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process. We’ll help you find the right design, style, paints, and tools for the job.

From choosing a piece of pottery, to deciding on a design, to  finishing your item - we hold your hand throughout the creative process and help you every step of the way.

Express yourself with bold colors and broad brush strokes. Or get detailed with thin brushes, stencils, and lettering. No matter what you’re looking for, we have just the right tools you need to create a one of a kind keepsake.

Your design options are as unlimited as your imagination.

Looking for a place to come hang out and unwind after a hard day at work? Want to experiment with a creative outlet? Or just want to bring your children along on a fun outing for kids? Make Wet Paint Pottery your first choice destination.

Express yourself with bold colours and broad brush strokes

Come spend a few hours with us and get your creative juices flowing. Need directions, here’s where to find us.